No matter what you want to accomplish, you can achieve your goals at the Warehouse


The Warehouse Gym offers equipment that is used by most federations.  Some of the equipment available are a monolift for stationary squatting, a power rack for squats that require walking out, a regulation bench by a manufacturer that has seen 800+ pound bench presses and a deadlift platform.  The lifters that train here range from raw lifters to single and multi-ply gear.  We have several top 100 lifters at various weight classes. 


The Warehouse Gym is the training facility for the Bay Area Power Club.


The Warehouse Gym provides a top-notch environment for the sport of strongman.  Equipment availalbe includes Atlas stones ranging from 157 pounds to 375 pounds and platform heights from 48 inches to 67 inches, also several different diameter logs for pressing, Axle bar, tires ranging from 500 to 1100 pounds for various conditioning drills, kegs of varying weights and filings (sand, water, concrete), sandbags from 25 pounds to 300 pounds, as well as four different types of yokes and four farmer's handles.  The strongmen who train here range from beginners to seasoned professionals that have seen action at The World's Strongest Man as seen on ESPN.


The Warehouse Gym offers personal training to individuals and groups.  The foundation to health is good physical fitness along with proper eating habits.  The trainers here base their training programs on the philosophy that the exercises must be functional and adaptable to the activities of daily living.  The trainers will help you meet your goals with a well-designed, scientifically based program, whether your goal is to shed a few pounds or to become a top-notch athlete.  Crossfitters welcome!*

The Warehouse Gym Membership

The Warehouse Gym offers a month to month membership.  No sign-up fees, no long-term commitments.


There are discounts available for military, fire and police department personnel.


Family Memberships available!


Traveling and looking for a place to train?  Come join us at The Warehouse Gym!  We offer visitor rates. 

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The Warehouse Gym at 281-557-2122.