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Warehouse events are in the works!! Stay tuned for upcoming events, go to the Events page to see updates.


5k in April, see events page for details. Use link to see vendor website.


 The Warehouse Gym is a non-traditional gym.  It was designed to cater to those who want to improve themselves physically and mentally without the distractions of a traditional, commercial gym.  If your goal is to become stronger, leaner, or more athletic, The Warehouse Gym can help you.  If your goal is to be able to play with your kids without the need for a time-out, or just to be able to pick up your grandchildren, The Warehouse Gym can help you too.


The Warehouse Gym is NOT exclusive.  We allow anyone to train here.  Our members include a World's Strongest Man competitor, soccer moms and retirees.  The one thing they have in common is the most important thing of all:  a goal!  They share the determination to be successful in their chosen endeavors and to improve their lives.  If you have a goal, you will thrive with us, not matter what that goal is.

That's why we support each other so much here at The Warehouse Gym.  Has your entire gym ever stopped to encourage you?  That's what happens here on a daily basis.  When you are attempting to do something you've never done before, the atmosphere here is perfect.  Loud music, chalk flying, the entire gym screaming and cheering you on.  You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish in this environment.


If you are looking for a community that strives to be the fittest they can be, come by the Warehouse and be a part of a truly great place to train!


Warehouse hours:

Mon-Wed-Fri    8am-7pm

Tues & Thurs    8am-1pm

Sat    8am-2pm

Sun    Closed

3830 West Main St

League City, TX 77573


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Warehouse Classes and training

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Coach Zach


Mon-Wed-Fri    6-7pm


Intermediate School

Mon-Wed-Fri    4:30-5:30pm


High School

Mon-Wed-Fri    3-4pm


Coach Kelli


Tue & Thurs    6-7am